The Osaka Festival Fringe is a performing arts festival that brings together theaters located in Abeno, Tennoji, Naniwa and Nishinari and aims to create a city of culture and art from Osaka. Various performers from Japan and overseas participate in the event, which includes not only theatrical performances but also outdoor performances and street festivals in cooperation with nearby restaurants.



Registrations to the 2020 are open!

We are looking for performers, groups, and organizations who can participate in the Osaka Fringe Festival, which will be held from September 20 to October 21, 2020.
To apply, please use the application form on this page. After we receive your application, we will contact you about the procedure.
We look forward to your participation as the first page of our long history as a step towards a new stage!

Hello, world!

Osaka Fringe Festival 2020 official website opened! The Osaka Fringe Festival will be held again this year. This fringe festival has a history of 70 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, England. The festival will be held mainly in Abeno, Tennoji, Naniwa and Nishinari. We look forward to your participation.