The Osaka Festival Fringe website open!


Festival Fringe is coming to Tennoji / Abeno, Osaka.
The Festival Fringe has over 70 years of history in Edinburgh, Scotland, and now the world-renowned festival is coming to Osaka.
The modern Abeno area is full of recreation facilities, such as Abeno Harukas and Abeno Q’s Mall. On the other hand, the neighbouring Tennoji area is dotted with historical buildings, including Shitennoji and Isshin-ji, and also many facilities for families with children such as Ten-Shiba, Tennoji Park and Tennoji Zoo. More importantly, there are many small theaters (50-300 seats) and open spaces within 1 kilometer of Tennoji. So as you can see even though the Tennoji / Abeno area is part of a bustling city hub, it is still well suited to hold a festival.

The biggest feature of any Festival Fringe are the Awards. As a matter of fact, Edinburgh Festival Fringe has produced many performers who are now performing worldwide.
We at the Osaka Festival Fringe also provide not only the chance to be featured in media such as newspaper and magazines, but also Awards which are unique to this area. As your first step to the next stage, or as the latest page in your long history, we’re looking forward to your participation.