Implementation Policies for 2020

July 28th 2020

The executive committee of the “Osaka Festival Fringe” decided “Implementation Policies for 2020”.
It is as follows.

・In this year, the festival will be held as scheduled in order to propose and discuss how entertainment should coexist with Covid-19.
・The objective of this year is to “stick to one’s position in difficult circumstances” and “experiment with new forms of entertainment”.
・It is basically held online without audience. Consult with the artist and performer on how to deliver, and in some cases support the delivery.
(However, the possibility of performing outdoors is judged based on the state of Covid-19 convergence just before the opening.)
・In order to ensure the regionality of Osaka Festival Fringe, we will actively work to include Osaka’s unique scenery in the background of online works.・The festival will be held from September 20 to October 21 as originally scheduled. However, there are days when there is no program at the request of performers.
・When an outdoor event is held, the judgment is based on the situation of the infected person during the week before the event in Osaka and the Osaka guidelines.
・If a contagious person is found among the performers or staff, or if the nation-wide trend toward entertainment becomes critical, the decision to cancel the event may be made even just before the event.

In very difficult situations, fringe can be realized in digital online works. This is our first challenge.
The Osaka Festival Fringe helps viewers experience fringe online.In addition, it will perform a series of digital activities, including virtual shows, festival-wide crowdfunding campaigns, artist workshops, and a new online art industry platform. #Osakafringeonline

The Osaka Festival Fringe Producer, Festivaro Representative Director, Kohey Nakadachi says;

The members of the Osaka Fringe Festival Executive Committee are basically “live supremacy”. Because of this, the discussion is sometimes divisive and heated. The love for live performance of the members is common. However, I believe that now is the time for positive discussions to come up with ideas and wisdom to overcome this situation.
It wasn’t easy. Some people say, “There is nothing better than live performance.” or “Online, Fringe’s basic stance of working with communities is broken.”While respecting these opinions, we continued discussions tenaciously and moved forward, and as a result, the “Implementation Policies for 2020” was achieved.
I want to overcome this difficult time together with many artists, the audience who love fringes, and the people in the city where the Osaka Festival Fringe is held.