Performances to be streamed during the festival period (Sep 20- Oct 21, 2020)
• You are not required to state the genre, or whether it is a free or ticketed performance.
  ※ Excepting the case of limited admission performances (Students, Members Only, Extreme Age Restrictions, etc).
• The possibility of the outdoor performance will be judged based on the state of Covid-19 convergence just before the opening.
• There is no sound or lighting equipment in the outdoor space. Please prepare it yourself.
• Artists and Companies must be responsible for any trouble arising after the performance, If a third party claims or claims for infringement of rights or compensation for damages, etc.,. The Osaka Festival Fringe is unable to take any responsibility in this case.


  • a company /a performer ‥‥ None
    ※There is an inside charge on all tickets sold through Osaka Fringe.


  • October 16th, 2020, 23:59 (Japanese time)


  • Please register using the “Fringe Application Form” below.
    ■1-3 Photograph of your performance ( +72dpi Resolution / +1200px Width)

    We will get back to you sometime later.