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What Is Osaka Fringe Festival?

Fringe Festival is coming to Tennoji / Abeno, Osaka.
The Fringe Festival has over 70 years of history in Edinburgh, Scotland, and now the world-renowned festival is coming to Osaka.
The modern Abeno area is full of recreation facilities, such as Abeno Harukas and Abeno Q’s Mall. On the other hand, the neighbouring Tennoji area is dotted with historical buildings, including Shitennoji and Isshin-ji, and also many facilities for families with children such as Ten-Shiba, Tennoji Park and Tennoji Zoo. More importantly, there are many small theaters (50-300 seats) and open spaces within 1 kilometer of Tennoji. So as you can see even though the Tennoji / Abeno area is part of a bustling city hub, it is still well suited to hold a festival.

The biggest feature of any Fringe Festival are the Awards. As a matter of fact, Edinburgh Fringe Festival has produced many performers who are now performing worldwide.
We at the Osaka Fringe Festival also provide not only the chance to be featured in media such as newspaper and magazines, but also Awards which are unique to this area. As your first step to the next stage, or as the latest page in your long history, we’re looking forward to your participation.


[Scope / Overview]

Entertainment in Osaka is a fusion of a spirit of “Influence, move, and entertain people” and “expressiveness”. Dotonbori, which is a good example, is a full of theaters in many genres including Kabuki, Bunraku (Japanese puppet theatre), Rakugo (Japanese verbal entertainment), JAZZ, review, movies and so on. The streets bristles with many banner-flags with actors and comedians’ names on it, and always be crowded with people. This is the very thing we aim for, this is exactly “Festival City”. We aim for creation of a thriving city where not only arts but also business are flourishing by making use of the city’s local attractiveness. We proceed with this project in order to make it a way to bring people who are involved together, and make this whole city its venue.
Fringe Festival was held for the first time in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. Artists would have paid registration fee to the Fringe Organization, and signed contracts directly with the theaters.  Today, Edinburgh Fringe is the biggest theatre festival is the world which has over 25,000 participants every year. The feature is that everyone can particulate regardless of its size or scale and the cost-benefit performance is fairly high. In Edinburgh, 2 festivals called “Edinburgh International Festival” and “Edinburgh Festival Fringe” are held during summer season. Each of them are sponsored by different organizations, but this make Edinburgh a city full of Arts every summer since there’d be plenty of shows all together at the same time. Moreover, street performers/comedians would also be performing in the  streets and open spaces. We’d like to make this happens here in Osaka too, and this city more thriving.

Osaka Fringe Festival’s 3 Basic Stances

We promote Osaka Fringe Festival approaches in order to revitalize the entire town following these 3 basic stances.
* Proceed with the project by collaborating with local theaters, stores and restaurants, and have people as many as possible involved in this Festival in the aim of producing better effects both economically and socially.
* Create a coordinating mechanism between Performing Arts and food culture in Osaka. In terms of this city’s feature, food culture is a must since Osaka is also known as “Food Capital” in Japan.
* Promote the internationalization through Performing Arts. As a means of achieving “Influence, move, and entertain people”, we want to connect inbound tourists and this city for cross-cultural interacts.


Entertainment -discover appeals of performing/expressing
Entertainment is a fusion of the way of “Influence, move, and entertain people” and “expressiveness”, and has an ability to fascinate people. Representation is one of the culture we’ve created, and we would love to associate it as a way for community development.

Artists -Visualize the places for performing
Recent years, the number of places to perform is increasing as technology advances. Now you can express yourself not only on stage but also through SNS. Although this make it easier for people to experience the arts, but it can also isolate audiences. So we encourage visualization of arts by holding intensive festival.

Entertainment and this city – Creation of Festival City
We’d love to let this Osaka Fringe Festival be a chance to create a lively and flourishing city, Osaka where everyone can have meals, shopping and pleasant chat before the curtain-up, during the intermission, or after the curtain.

Eligibility for Entry
Participating Artists/Companies
  • At least 2 performances to be held during the performance period (Sep 20- Oct 21 2018)

  • The venue will be one of the theaters participating in the Osaka Fringe Festival.

    ※Please apply for use of the venue (a provisional booking is fine) before applying to the Osaka Fringe Festival.

    【Participating Venues】
    The Museum of Art Kintetsu / OVAL THEATER / SPACE9 / Isshinji Theater KURA / STAGE+PLUS and more in Tennoji – Abeno area
    ※If you would like to use any other spaces around Tennouji or Abeno, please contact the Osaka Fringe Festival in advance.

  • You are not required to state the genre, or whether it is a free or ticketed performance.
    ※Excepting the case of limited admission performances (Students, Members Only, Extreme Age Restrictions etc).
  • We ask for your cooperation in selling consignment tickets.
  • We will require tickets for award judges, critics, etc. (5 tickets per performance).
  • You must include the Logo for the Osaka Fringe Festival on all promotional material including any websites, fliers etc.
  • Artists and Companies must be responsible for any trouble arising after the performance.Osaka Fringe Festival is unable to take any responsibility in this case.
Participation Fee
Venue Fees must be arranged directly with the Theater

2 Performances ‥‥ 10,000 Yen (Excl Tax)
3 Performances ‥‥ 15,000 Yen (Excl Tax)
Additional performances 5,000 Yen (Excl Tax) per performance
Over 10 Performances 50,000 Yen (Excl Tax)
※During the Early Applications Period, there is a 15% discount.

Participation Benefits
    • The show will be listed in the Osaka Fringe Festival Website, Fliers and Programme.
      We are able to provide Japanese and English information regarding your show.
    • Consignment Ticket Sales
    • Awards

【List of Awards】

      • ITI International Theater Association Award
      • Theater Awards (From each participating Osaka Fringe Festival Theater)
      • Media Award
      • Audience Award Etc

※ We cannot be directly involved with the contents of any performances and projects. Thank you for your understanding.

How to Apply
Application Deadlines & Payment Date

Application Deadlines

●Final deadline: September 16th, 2018, 0:00 (Japanese time)

Early Applications, show information will be listed on our website, fliers and programme, has closed.  However we will still be able to list it on the website.

How to Apply

Please register using the “Fringe Application Form” on the Osaka Fringe Festival website.
■Application Form
■1-3 Photograph of your performance ( +72dpi Resolution / +1200px Width)
■ Profile Picture of your company or yourself, OR your logo. ( +72dpi Resolution / +500px Width)

❶ Download the Application Form(Excel format) below.

❷Fill in the necessary items on the Excel format form.
❸Fill in the blank on the Application Form which is on this page below, and attach the other Application Form (Excel format) and required photographs with it.
❹Send all of the required stuffs to us, and we will get back to you sometime later.


Venue Introduction

We will provide information about the theaters Participating in the Osaka Fringe Festival. Please check the Osaka Fringe Festival website for details.


Application form

●Application Form
※About the Participants : Please note that this information will be shown on our OFF website.

●About the representative
※This is very important information in order to communicate with OFF admin.

About the photographs
■Format:2MB or under compressed file in JPG format
■Photograph of Your Performance:1 main photo and 1-3 sub photos ( + 72dpi and 1200px width)
■Profile Picture:1 photograph or logo ( + 72dpi and 500px width)

1)Application Form in Excel Format (Required)

2)Attach the main photo (Required)※JPG format, or compressed file in JPG.

3)Attach the sub photos(Required)※JPG Format. If you have more than 2 photos, please put them into a file and compress it.

4)Attach the profile picture(Required)※JPG format, or compressed file in JPG.